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Academic motivation and study habits

Academic motivation and study habits


The academically motivated children are those who want to learn, they like learning-related activities and believe that school is important. Children are naturally motivated to learn from very early in their lives. We see this in the effort babies make to reach for a toy, they can learn to walk or eat without help. This early motivation to learn is then applied to school-related activities, such as reading and writing. However, some children do not show this motivation because something has interfered with their natural motivation. When this happens they think they cannot do their homework and stop trying or do not try because they believe that that makes no difference. Because they stop trying, they do not learn successfully.


The negative beliefs that children have may respond to different factors. These include what kind of ability they possess to respond, as well as the attitudes that they show their parents about the issues. In relation to the ability to learn, we mean that learning can be difficult because of learning problems, difficult temperament, developmental delay, depression or effect in chronic stress. Alternatively when we say adult’s attitudes, we mean that parents influence what children think about their academic achievements. The unrealistic standards may dampen the motivation and efforts of the child.


Some practical recommendations that will help you get your child to motivate and maintain study habits are:


• Cooperate with your child’s teacher.

• Teach habits that promote learning

• Establish a routine for studying. Your child should know when they are expected to work on their homework each day.

• Provide a study place where your child has all the necessary materials and be as quiet as possible.

• Ensure that your child completes homework at home before doing other activities that may be distracting.

• Work with your child’s teacher.

• Show your child that you respect his or her teacher.

• Communicate regularly with the teacher so they both know what is happening at school and at home.

• Cooperate with your child’s teacher to make sure he will learn good study habits.



It is important to note that academic effort can be improved if the significant adults/parents maintain a good relationship with the child and they feel that the school is important. It is important to teach good study habits and give recognition to their success because it keeps promoting motivation to study.

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