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Make time to be alone

Make time to be alone

There is something energizing about being alone and having a moment to reflect, work or just have a quiet time and silence. Even if it is just 10 minutes to meditate, do yoga, a nature walk or just close the door and take a bath; time of silence and tranquility is an essential part of our life. A lot of people think they can find happiness in outside things like relationships, work or material possessions. But the reality is that happiness is something that we find in ourselves.

Do you take time each day to be alone? If not, consider the following:


Think about your favorite time of your day. How do you use that time?

Think about your favorite activities. Make a list of at least 12 things you enjoy doing. Mark the ones that offer you a balance between daily chaos and silence.

Think about what you do with your time. Make a list of the most important activities of each day. How much time do you spend on each activity?

Now think of your worst habits and customs. Are they taking away time that you could use to promote your inner peace and tranquility? Maybe it’s time to make changes. Establish your wellness plan:

Separate the moment.

Choose the place.

Do something you enjoy doing quietly and alone.

Do it!

Make an appointment with yourself at the same time, same place, and every day.

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