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When Old Symptoms Return

When Old Symptoms Return

There several things that we can do when an old symptoms return from an old trauma. If a trauma triggers old symptoms or if you don’t know what triggered old symptoms, take the time to try to understand what happened or what was the caused for the return of these thoughts of an old trauma. Also, it is very important for you to be mindful on how you are reacting to this situation. When you feel triggered, you are experiencing old situations, old feelings and old thoughts that are coming back from the past, but remember that if they went away in the past, they will go away again. Your fear will end when your mind realizes that your own brain or mind was the one responsible for creating that fear. Do not think that the fact that an old trauma comes back is a failure. Failures are sometimes necessary. Without failures, it would not be possible to increase the chances of doing things better and better. Running away from problems is never the solution. Most of our stress and suffering comes not from situations, but from our thoughts. If we change our way of thinking and the stress will be reduced.

Review everything that you learned with your mental health professional in the past, review your coping skills and other techniques that you used before and worked well in the past. For example meditation, yoga, rethinking negative thoughts, deep breathing, using and practicing mindfulness training, exercise, and other forms of self-care. Practice compassion for yourself. Do not punish yourself if you struggle with negative thoughts. Thoughts are like moving clouds that come and go. If the triggering thoughts persist and the old trauma continues to trigger or trigger old symptoms. Check with your mental health professional to review your treatment. This can happen from time to time and sometimes with just reviewing or adjusting the treatment you can return to that emotional peace that was obtained with a successful treatment of emotional trauma.

“There are wounds that never appear in the body that are deeper and more painful than anything that bleeds.” -Laurell K. Hamilton

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