Behavioral Inventories


Behavioral Inventories


Behavioral inventories are evaluation scales usually are completed by parents, guardians of children, besides the staff. The information collected allows configurable approximate interpretation about their needs in educational and behavioral areas. This information allows the specialist to get more information about how the child/adolescent and reach a differential diagnosis in these areas.

Humans through stages throughout life. These stages are accompanied by situations that may generate negative effective states and confusion. If you are not aware of these could experience a lot of frustration and symptoms that interfere with your daily functioning. Through psychotherapy strategies and techniques I offer my clients a space of trust, privacy in which you can express your concerns by identifying issues related to your life altering your emotional state and prevent life take you visualize for yourself.

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Medical plans are accepted.

For more information or to make an appointment for the behavioral inventories please contact Dra. Caroline Rodriguez- Mercado, Psicóloga Consejera Santurce, PR (787) 690-0311 or by email at

*This specified service is only provided at our Puerto Rico office.