Couple and Family Therapy

couples family therapy

Improved Coping Skills for Happier Couples

There is no way to eliminate all conflicts between two people. However, by improving their coping skills, the couple can go a long way to alleviate the distress of seeing things differently. By evaluating their problems, learning effective ways to resolve them, and knowing when to seek professional help they can ensure the lifelong loving relationship they want. Keep in mind, both people must be prepared to take responsibility, work at becoming aware of their contribution to positive and negative outcomes, and be prepared to make changes when needed.


The Benefits of Family Counseling 

Families can benefit from therapy when they experience any stressful event that may affect family relationships, such as financial problems, marital problems, divorce, and death of family members. In addition, family counseling can be effective in helping the members of the family to deal with mental health problems of a family member that impact other family members, such as depression, social anxiety, addictive behaviors, chronic illness, or everyday concerns poor communication between family members, relational conflict, or behavioral problems in children and adolescents.


The purpose of a Family Counseling is to encourage understanding and alliance among family members in order to resolve the problems of one or more individuals. For example, if a child is displaying defiant behaviors at home and is angry most of the time, the family therapy will be focused on the family patterns that may contribute to the child’s behavior, rather than assessing the child’s behavior alone. As the family finds the source of the problem, they can find healthy ways to support and validate the child and other family members and work as a team on minimizing or changing the circumstances that contribute to the child’s defiant behaviors.

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