Online Therapy Services

Online Therapeutic Services/Online Therapy 

Mindful Journey Center offers individual, family therapy and group sessions at our office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our clients can also benefit from online therapy for a long distant therapeutic services.

“Traumatic Stress Reduction” (TIR) and “Life Stress Reduction” (LSR) sessions are ideal for online therapy for individuals in the following situations:

People who have a physical condition that limits their mobility.

People with psychological conditions such as agoraphobia.

Individual living in areas distant from the Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

People who are traveling and cannot regularly attend scheduled sessions at our center in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Existing clients who experience unexpected changes in their schedule, an unforeseen conflict that prevents them from being able to attend a previously scheduled appointment.

Exceptionally busy work schedules that otherwise would not be able to arrive regularly to our office for their sessions.


Our “Traumatic Incident Reduction” TIR and “Life Stress Reduction” online therapy programs provide the same benefits of a face-to-face session. Our clients always have the option to come to our center for their sessions if they decide they would prefer to come in person.

For more information on the Online Therapy Services please contact Irene Rodriguez, LMHC at (954) 376-0496 or by email at