Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations

The psychological evaluations are the administration of standardized batteries of tests and inventories. The purpose of these tests is to identify the mental, intellectual, and emotional ability of the subject. Among some conditions it helps to identify learning disabilities, mental retardation, and behavior problems. In general terms, the importance of these evaluations is the detection and diagnosis of problems in the cognitive and psychosocial development of the person evaluated. A psychologic evaluation can help diagnose conditions such as neurodevelopmental disorder, behavioral disorder, mood disorder, among other conditions. These evaluations can be administered starting at 2 years of age to the aging population.

The tests used in the psychological evaluations are selected by the specialist according to the need and its purpose:

  • School Entry
  • Behavioral problems
  • Delayed speech/psychomotor development
  • School failures
  • Memory problems
  • Problems in school performance
  • To eliminate or to rule out mental retardation
  • For diagnosis and treatment
  • Recommendations
  • For educational placement
  • Occupational/career selection


Humans go through stages throughout their lives. These stages are accompanied by situations that can generate negative affective states and confusion. If you are not aware of these you could experience a lot of frustration and symptoms that interfere with your daily functioning. Through psychotherapy strategies and techniques, I offer my clients a space of trust, privacy in which you can express your concerns, identifying aspects related to your life that alter your emotional state and prevent you from carrying the life you visualize for yourself.


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