Recovery Coaching

recovery coaching

Receiving recovery coaching services can help individuals to set better attainable goals and to reach them. It will help them to learn more coping tools, develop a support system and structure as well helps you with accountability in order to achieve the best of you. Support system is just a phone call away. Individuals can keep in touch by daily phone calls that will help you stay on track with your recovery. If an individual has been in recovery for a long time and still struggle coping with some areas in their recovery then recovery coaching may be what they need.

Recovery coaching services will help individuals to break the relapse cycle by increasing awareness, using management skills (assertive, relaxation, spending time with the people you enjoy, participating in activities that are pleasurable, improving self-esteem, positive self-talk, etc.) , and self –care behaviors (adequate rest/sleep, good nutrition, exercise, etc.) We can help the individual to incorporate their relapse prevention techniques or to complete a relapse prevention plan. Meeting with family members and/or significant other can be schedule in order to discuss their plan to life a better life now.

Warning Signs of Relapse:

Negative thinking, controlling behavior; excessive worrying; perfectionist behaviors; codependent behaviors; change in appetite; difficulty sleepy; fatigue; feeling bad about self; feeling less hopeful about future; decreased exercise; unwilling to ask for what you want or need; procrastination; social isolation; withdrawal from activities; use of alcohol or other drugs; irritable; impatient; negative attitude; lacking confidence; self-defeating behaviors; destructive risk-taking behaviors; obsessive thoughts; difficulty concentrating; not experiencing pleasure in anything you do; cockiness; stop using support system such as sponsor.

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