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Reduce Stress with Mindfulness Practice

Reduce Stress with Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice can help individuals reduce their stress levels and it can also help in minimizing the chances of stress that can impact the health and well-being of individuals in the future. When you practice mindfulness you can reach a higher level of self-awareness and relaxation that can help you to not overreact to stressful situations. Mindfulness can help you to be more empathic or to have more empathy. If you understand and share how other people feel, you can avoid problems and stress.


You can start a Mindfulness Practice to reduce stress by coming up with a present problem, person or place in your life that is causing stress. If you are new to meditation or to mindfulness, do not start with a major cause of stress. Pick a small one to practice. Then, start thinking and imagine that you are experiencing it at that point in time. Throughout the entire practice, you also have to be aware and conscious about your breathing. Now come up with all the possible difficulties associated with it that you might face whenever that situation arises.


Continue thinking until you reach a stage of full awareness of the situation. Then, look out for how your body is responding the stress. Look for signs and symptoms: muscle tension, sweating, stomach aches or discomfort, increase pulse, etc. These signs will help you determine and predict the intensity of stress in the future. Now you have to notice your emotions and the way you feel after imagining that situation. Try to identify the emotion and describe it in a way that can help you understand what are you feeling at that point in time in different kinds of situations. Try to feel your body sensations; you can even place your hand over the place where you are having these sensations to be more aware.


Keep breathing and repeating this procedure whenever you face a stressor, as it will help you tackle your stress levels in an effective way and you can come up with possible solutions to your problems or conflicting situations.

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