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Why do you allow fear to control your life?

Why do you allow fear to control your life?


YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Therefore, allow each moment to count. Objectively explore what is the real risk of the decision you have not made because of fear. What part of that fear is legitimate and that part is just a story you are making in your mind?

Ask yourself:


• “If I do not do this, will I regret it for the rest of my life?” Regret is one of the most disappointing and discouraging human emotions.
• “Is there something I fear and must overcome if I want to achieve my goals?” Often, focusing on what we can get, such as goals, helps us reduce fear.
• “What is the worst thing that could happen to you if I make this decision that I fear so much?” Can you possibly die? I know this sounds extreme, but this can help put things in perspective.
Overcoming your fears is difficult. I will not say it is not. Think about the fears and worries you face in your life and that prevent you from reaching your goals.
Maybe those fears that stop you only exist in your mind and are fueled by painful experiences of the past. But regardless of the cause or root of your fears, the consequences will be the same:YOU WILL NOT BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BEI encourage you to turn your fear and worries into fuel. I invite you to open your arms like wings and make way for those areas in your life that you want to improve. In doing so, you will be creating your own destiny.
Going forward means that you have the courage to leave behind everything that keeps you from growing and being genuinely happy.

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